We’re a community of entrepreneurs moving our community forward.

Calgary’s economy, and narrative, is evolving. Entrepreneurs and business owners who are passionate about our community are emerging, and more importantly, they’re succeeding. Individually, they’re a driving force of positive change that represents part of what makes Calgary great today, and their continued success will shape Calgary’s future.

Now, what if we put all of their efforts together? Imagine if we created a community of those passionate entrepreneurs and business owners who put our resources, creativity, and passion together to do really BIG things for our community?

That’s Move Forward YYC™

Moving our community forward.

What does moving our community forward mean? For us, it means using the collective resources and knowledge of our membership base to give to our community in ways that truly change people’s lives. Throughout the year, we’ll engage in a variety of grassroots initiatives that make a meaningful difference in Calgary. In addition, our members will choose one BIG local initiative each year to move forward. Our yearly focus initiative will be chosen based on its potential to have a huge impact on our community, and it’s one we’ll only be able to achieve with the collective support of every Move Forward YYC™ member.

Our latest initiative.

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Moving our members forward.

Move Forward YYC™ membership is for entrepreneurs and business owners who are passionate about giving to the community that supports them every day. We’re building a network of like-minded business owners that know the power of working together, and want to be part something bigger. As part of your membership, you’ll have access to Move Forward YYC™ knowledge sharing and networking events, and resources developed to help you grow your business. By moving our members forward, we make big change in our community possible.

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