A challenge to every Calgarian


Move Forward YYC™ is a platform to unite like-minded business owners in Calgary through a single collective purpose – to move Calgary forward. Last month, we took our first steps together as our community partners quite literally joined hand in hand to transfer hundreds of new and gently used towels to the Mustard Seed.

In July, The Mustard Seed faced a critical shortage of towels and sent out a call for help. During this time, Forward Level Marketing and Stand & Command were in the process of banding together to present the Move Forward YYC™ stage at the Calgary Folk Music Festival. Seeing an opportunity to help, we placed two bins at the front of our stage and engaged friends, colleagues, and Calgary music lovers to bring their towels to donate. On the first day, ATB Financial answered the call donating 1,000 towels.

Over the four days of the music festival, Move Forward YYC™ collected just over 1,400 towels. We decided to keep the momentum rolling throughout the rest of the summer and fall. We placed bins in the lobby of Move Forward YYC™ HQ and encouraged community partners to start towel drives of their own. In just three months we were successful in collecting more than 2,100 towels, enough to fill most of a 10×12 office.

On November 29th our community partners came together once more to move the mountain of towels out of the office and into a fleet of vehicles headed for the Mustard Seed. Out front, a human chain formed all the way to the front door and partners passed stacks of towels for more than an hour.

We are thrilled by the success of the towel drive, but this is only the beginning. We are now issuing a challenge to every Calgarian. If each one of us donates just one towel to the Mustard Seed, we can effectively end their need permanently. By coming together, we can ensure those in our at-risk community can experience basic luxuries like a clean, dry towel after a shower.

In the meantime, we promise to continue pushing our peers, our community and our boundaries to shape the future narrative of our incredible city. To view CBC’s coverage of the towel drive, click here. To stay tuned, get involved, or to learn more about Move Forward YYC™, send us an email at