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#buttonsfortowels at CFMF 2018

You have a shower, hop out, and reach for your warm towel to dry off. It’s something a lot of us don’t even think about. Unless you forgot to do laundry, a warm towel is always sitting there waiting for you.

For many members of Calgary’s at-risk community, they don’t even have access to that basic luxury. The Mustard Seed is currently experiencing a critical towel shortage, forcing them to resort to handing out hand towels and facecloths to the hundreds of Calgarians who utilize their services every day. 

That’s why we’ve joined the efforts of Fare Community and Local Laundry to bring you #buttonsfortowels at this year’s Calgary Folk Music Festival. The Folk Fest community is an incredibly vibrant, positive, and giving community, and we want to band together to make a difference for Calgary’s at-risk community. When you show up on Saturday or Sunday, bring your new or gently used bath towels and visit us at Stage 2 — we’ll have two red bins set up to accept your donations. You won’t just be providing a towel, you’ll be providing a little bit of comfort that so many of us take for granted.

We know you don’t need any incentive to give, but as an added thank you, everyone who donates a towel will get a free Move Forward YYC™ button.

Buttons for towels. Bring a towel, get a button, and we’ll ensure those towels get into the hands of Calgarians in-need. Sometimes simple things make a big difference.